The PhD programmes of the school cater to the needs of the society. The school has ample facilities for promoting research studies both in disability rehabilitation and psychology. The school has produced many quality research works Research is undertaken by potential scholars in the various aspects of Special Education, Psychology, Rehabilitation Nursing and Behavioural Medicine.

Research Groups

  • Special Education
  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Behavioural Medicine

Post Doctoral Research

Sl No. Name of Scholar Title of Study Specialization Research Guide Year of Admission
1 Dr. Ameer Hassan Identification and interventions among transgender people in Kerala: Psycho Social status and Societal activities. Psychology Dr. Rajeev Kumar N 2014

Doctoral Research

Ph. D Awarded

Sl No. Name of Scholar Title of Thesis Specialization Research Guide Year of Award
1 Sr.Theresa Koottiyanil The effect of student centered counselling on the low achievers in secondary schools Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A 1996
2 Rajeev Kumar N A study of life events and certain personality variables of rheumatoid arthritic patients. Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2000
3 Jacob Cherian Adjustment and its correlates in old age- a study in relation to living arrangements Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A/ Dr. Elsheba Mathew 2000
4 Hari S Chandran Behavioural engineering management of stress and maladjustment among alcoholics Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2000
5 Mohandas M The efficacy of a package program for the management of stuttering Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2001
6 Supaluk Satpretpry Subjective wellbeing and psychological resources of students of south Thailand and kerala-Across cultural study Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2002
7 Aravind Thampi Problems of children of alcoholics- identification and intervention Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A 2003
8 Shaji P John Marital quality of women spouses of men working abroad:implications for counselling Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2003
9 Alice P Mathew Effectiveness of stress management program on cardiac surgical patients Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2003
10 Sr.Vijaya Impact of selected complementary therapies ( relaxation and foot massage) on the quality of life of Brest cancer patients Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A 2003
11 Johnson R Aetiological factors in suicidal behaviour Special Education Baburaj P.T 2003
12 Vinod Kumar S Psychological correlates of common cardiovascular disorders Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A 2004
13 Jayaraj B A study of gestures among children with speech and hearing impairments, normal children and adults Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2005
14 Sany Varghese Psycho-social variables in relation to academic achievement-a comparative study of high and low achievers Clinical Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2006
15 Jameela T.P Dermetoglyphic patterns evident in disability groups Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2007
16 Dileep Kumar M Impact of organizational culture upon employees and employer’s behaviour Psychology Dr.Mathew M.K 2007
17 Sreedevi T.R Stress and coping in mothers of children with Mental Retardation Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2007
18 Valsamma Joseph Health education needs of mentally retarded children,parents and teachers Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2007
19 Jayachandran D Efficacy of group interaction in the psychosocial care of patients with epilepsy Behavioural Science Dr.Kumar K.A 2007
20 Preena Lynette Amritha E A study on the functional academic skills and parental involvement of children with mental retardation Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2010
21 Rajee Reghunath Effectiveness of structured teaching and counseling in reducing the burden of care givers of persons with dementia Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2010
22 Roy K George Assessment and management of behavioural problems in persons with dementia Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2011
23 Vijesh P.V Motor abilities and functional academic skills of children with cerebral palsy Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2011
24 Mary P.V The effect of literacy rich approach in the language development of children with mental retardation Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2011
25 Aravindan P.P Effectiveness of psychological intervention in the management of cancer patients Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2012
26 Bindhu M.S Marital Adjustment And Its Psychological Correlates-A Cross-cultural Study Of Women In Kerala And Qatar Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2012
27 Jain Joseph Sexual dysfunction in relation to sex knowledge, marital adjustment and emotional intelligence Psychology Dr.Mathew M.K 2013
28 Girija K.M Anxiety and depression among pregnant ladies during antenatal, intranatal and postnatal period Psychology Dr.Kumar K.A 2013
29 Sisy George Quality of life of couples before and after adoption of child Rehabilitation Nursing Dr.Mathew M.K 2013
30 Sajikumar K.P Sexual behavior in adolescents: A study on the ecological correlates. Psychology Dr.(Sr) Mary Lucita 2013
31 Kumarai S Girija Scholastic backwardness, science process skills, and scientific creativity of upper primary students Special education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2014
32 Suresh V.S Role of family in the education of tribal students Special education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2014
33 Ajesh Manohar A study on the awareness and attitude of local bodies secretary on disability and implementation of laws and utilization of fund for the differentially abled in Kerala Special education Dr. Baburaj P.T 2015
34 Beena Mathew The effect of laughter yoga on selected psycho-physiological variables among the elderly clients residing in the old age homes of kottayam district Psychology Dr.(Sr) Mary Lucita 2015
35 Umadevi V.M Quality of life and parental expectation of adolescents with mental retardation Special education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2016
36 Sreekumar V.N Impact of tsunami on the psycho-social status of tsunami survivors in Alappad panchayath of Kerala Psychology Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2016
37 Sureshkumar M Personality profile using Exner’s comprehensive system and related neurocognitive functions in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome Psychology Dr.Rajeev Kumar N 2016
38 Dr.Babu George A study of autism-developing and validating a diagnostic clinical tool Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2016
39 Mammen Joseph C Marital adjustment among I.T professionals in Kerala Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2016
40 Simili P Chacko Satisfaction and problems of special teachers in teaching children with autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities Special Education Dr.Razeena Padmam 2016
41 Soya Sadanandhan Community based rehabilitation of persons with mental retardation through women self help groups Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2016
42 Mini Mathew Functional abilities and problems of adults with intellectual disability Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2016
43 Thressia P.A An experimental study to test the efficacy of raw diet and yoga to control type 2 diabetes in different stages of disease process Psychology Dr.Rajeev Kumar N 2016
44 Dr. Subhadra K.T Medicinal And Placebo Effects Of Homeopathic Remedies – A Study on Patients With Somatoform Low Back Pain And Patients With Pathological Low Back Pain Psychology Dr.Razeena Padmam 2016
45 Anu George Varghese A study on the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy, living in Kerala Rehabilitation Nursing Dr.(Sr) Mary Lucita 2017
46 Sandhya Govindhan A study on sex education needs and sex related problems of individuals with mental retardation Special Education Dr. Sukumaran P.S 2017

Research Forum

The Researchers perform various roles to enhance the internal and external activities of the department and the collective efforts make improvements in their research work and also in the department too. In this reason the department decided to formulate the common forum for the research scholars. The research forum is officially started on 25th June 2015 with 7 member committee including General convener, secretary and executive members respectively. After the successful completion of one year, the committee has been reconstituted with 14 members including president, two vice presidents, general secretary, two joint secretaries, treasurer, and seven executive members.


  • To bring in research ambience among the research scholars
  • To create an awareness regarding the research work carried out by fellow researcher in the department to facilitate collaborative work
  • To motivate interdisciplinary research proposals
  • To educate the research scholars about the facilities such as equipment, software etc. available in the department
  • To enlighten the research methods and scientific writing to scholars through special lectures on contemporary research topics by renowned experts in key areas
  • To discuss recent hot research articles and to get innovative ideas for further research
  • To develop strengths of existing researchers by conducting workshops on different data analysis software used to facilitate research
  • To provide technical support for the research scholar who appearing PhD open viva-voce